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Take surveys and receive Paypal Cash, Bitcoins or Gift Cards!
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About FREE Rebel Gift Card

Deciding on what to gift someone is often a conundrum. It’s no wonder that you often just end up giving cash to whomever. However, through the FREE Rebel gift card, via PrizeRebel.com, you can leave that conundrum to your friend. The gift card provides them with the opportunity to choose their sport apparels from their preferred brands; if it’s getting the newly released cleats from Adidas to the latest running shoes from Nike.

Similarly, if your kid is a basketball fan, you can give them this gift card as they can get court kicks! Or, grab yourself a pair of new leggings for your morning runs from an array of brands that include Under Armour, Puma, New Balance, and Garmin.

Don’t like the idea of going to a crowded and sweaty gym? Rebel also has you covered on the home working-out equipment frontier! Exercise from the comfort of your home, just by getting the Rebel gift card and ordering in-home equipment. Before you know it, everyone at home is joining the fitness bandwagon!

So signup to www.Prizerebel.com today – complete some paid surveys , redeem for a FREE Rebel gift card and be on your way to your fitness best!


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  • Ive been a member since 06/07/13. This is the first gift card I received and honestly the first actual gift card I have ever received online! I was so happy I almost cried! Since then I got a $5 Amazon and a $15 Pizza Hut E-gift card. I am really close to a $15 Starbucks card now! Prize Rebel is the best :)

    by megan v.
  • OMG!! Best rewards site in the game right now. Making enough to make a purchase takes 1-3 days top, and is so easy! I'm sad they took the custom rewards away tho.. BUT THANK YOU PRIZEREBEL.COM!!!!!

    by autumnamberh
  • Prize Rebel is the best site that I have ever made real money with. It's very quick and easy to use. And even though I've only bought PayPal money, there are so many different ways that you could spend your money. Amazon, iTunes, Prepaid Visas and so many more. I definitely recommend for anyone that has free time, or just wants to make more mo...

    by Carol
  • MY first prize, I could not believe it, man this website rocks, its awesome to earn money, I hope everyone tries it.

    by Abas A