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About FREE Regal Entertainment Gift Card

The full experience of going to the movies isn’t just about the movie itself. It’s about sitting in the dark with your favorite snacks while getting sucked into the battle between good and evil. It’s about having your mind blown by special effects and beautiful scenery on the big screen, enhanced with high-quality sound. It’s the look on your face when you and your loved ones come out at the end of the movie, ready to talk about everything that you just watched. Get a $10 Regal Entertainment egift card and experience just that! The folks at Regal Entertainment know how you feel about going to the movies. Regal is one of the largest theater chains in the United States, covering 7,315 screens at 564 theaters within the country and in the outer territories. Established in 1989 at Knoxville, Tennessee, Regal is devoted to providing the full cinematic experience in all of their theaters. Try out the Regal experience today. Your free $10 Regal Entertainment egift card can be redeemed at any Regal location in the US.


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  • I ordered this 3DS game (Thor - God of thunder) and it came in 5 days. Thank you prizerebel.com for this awesome gift :)

    by Istiak K.
  • Thank you prizerebel :D I love Prizerebel. I have never seen anything like this before. I have been a member for about 4 years now. I have earned a lot of rewards. Not only did I receive a gift card, but it came with a cute Thanksgiving design.

    by MrsFlowerly
  • OMG!! Best rewards site in the game right now. Making enough to make a purchase takes 1-3 days top, and is so easy! I'm sad they took the custom rewards away tho.. BUT THANK YOU PRIZEREBEL.COM!!!!!

    by autumnamberh
  • When I came over to PrizeRebel and finally made enough points to get it, the processing didn't even take 12 hours which was great, when waiting for it to actually arrive must have been the quickest shipment I have ever seen. I didn't have any problems whatsoever.

    by Rascal32